Creating new possibilities for people and offices for 100 years
Creating new possibilities for people and offices for 100 years
Creating new possibilities for people and offices for 100 years
Creating new possibilities for people and offices for 100 years

Message from the president

Creating new possibilities for people and offices

Since Bunshodo’s founding in 1912 as an office-related general trading company, we’ve been creating new possibilities for people and offices, guided by our mission to be a professional organization that pleases customers with the value it creates.
Providing multifaceted support for offices and the people who work in them is always a priority, and we keep up with the rapidly changing world of business in the diverse services we offer, including office supplies , office design, movable racks , IT services, eco-friendly products, and more.
Recently, we have begun offering real estate brokerage services, helping customers find office space that fits their work style. Thanks to over 100 years of being business and the experiences we’ve earned in our dealings with numerous clients, we are ideally positioned to grow together with our customers.
We look forward to providing you with the same high level of service.

Yoshinori Sato  president and CEO

100 years of history

1912 Bunshodo — Establishment Started as a printer, publisher, and maker
of Japanese-style account books.
1917 Office supplies and novelty goods Sales of imported and original stationery and office supplies in Ginza, a district famous for its import businesses.
1948 Business machines Manufactures and sells BSD brand business machines; imports and sells business machines.
1959 Office furniture Became the first in the office supplies industry to be a comprehensive dealer in steel furniture. Signed an agency contract with Okamura Corp.
1966 Movable rack business Began selling Compack movable racks. Coined the term “space cost”.
1979 Office equipment Started dealing in office equipment. Signed agency contract No. 1 for Tosword, a word processor made by Toshiba.
1985 Office environment business Became the first Japanese retailer to provide
comprehensive office design services, from drawing preparation to construction.
1989 Wine business Began importing wine.
1990 IT services business Participated in the construction of a national tax management system.
2012(100th) Reinforcement of CSR efforts Launched the Tree Environment Project
for our 100th anniversary.
2014 Real estate business Launched a real estate business.
Eyes on the future! We will keep on changing with the times as we continue
to pursue our mission of putting the customer first. “The only one that survives is the one that can adapt.” — Charles Darwin

Company overview

Established August 1, 1912
Incorporated October 12, 1919
Address Head office:
3-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Tel: +81 3-3566-3591 (main line) Fax: +81 3-3566-3525
Capital 500,000,163 yen
Representative Yoshinori Sato, president and CEO
Employees 208 (as of August 31, 2017)
Sales 46.2 billion yen (September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017)
Business areas Infostructure construction, operation, implementation and maintenance, development and maintenance of application program, creation and construction of system infrastructure, selection and sales of ICT equipment, rental and sales of medical equipment, office design, construction, relocation and maintenance, selection and sales of office furniture, manufacturing and sales of storage and search equipment, novelty gift, real estate, import and sales of alcoholic liquor, sales of furniture and interior material made by Japanese woods, solution of welfare, healthcare and childcare facilities
Affiliations BSD Engineering Co., Ltd.
Bunshodo Shoji Co., Ltd.
Bunshodo Service Co., Ltd.